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Carl Martin Purple Moon

Rs.14,500.00 Rs.13,050.00
Well, Carl still spends time listening to his vinyl collection and is still happy he created the Purple Moon, but he wanted to bring this pedal up to 2019 standards. The new 2019 Purple Moon has the Level Depth and Speed controls of the old model, and yes it still has the silicon Fuzz chip with Fuzz and Level controls that allow you to add mind bending Fuzz to that sweeping vibe and yes, this is still the only analog, true bypass Vibe/Fuzz pedal that takes you back to players like Hendrix, Trower, Gilmour or Anastasio....but it's smaller...cooler!

Carl Martin Surf Trem Guitar Tremolo Effect Pedal

Rs.9,000.00 Rs.8,100.00
Remember the great tremolo tones of the 50’s and 60’s? The ‘Surf Trem’ gets its’ trem circuit from the CM Tremovibe. With just a ‘speed’ and ‘depth’ control (just like our old tube amp) those classic tones are easy to achieve. The retro heavy diecast case with 9 volt battery compartment, cool colour and heavy duty bypass switch, make the ‘Surf Trem’ a must have in every pedal box.

Xvive V5 Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

Rs.4,500.00 Rs.4,050.00
Xvive V5 is an analog tone delay pedal which brings you a great warm tone. It features up 2 ms to 600ms of delay time. Besides, vintage, Echo delay and its original warm tone are V5 other advantages. You can use it for your solo, blues, jazz, rock etc., which will brings you a great effects.  
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Xvive V5 Delay Guitar Effects Pedal (B-Stock)

Rs.4,500.00 Rs.4,050.00
Xvive V5 Delay Guitar Effects Pedal offers you 100% analog delay with timeless warmth on the affected signal. The simple-to-use